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Writing About Art

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For this task you will be required to present two pieces of writing; an Artist Statement and a reflection. The sections below clearly outline what you need to write. After completing your Figure Drawings and Clay Figure Inspired by Nature reflect on your work and the process you worked through to create the artwork.

MEET DONALD ZOLAN. Donald James Zolan was born on August 11, in a little bungalow on Prairie Avenue in the small village of Brookfield, Illinois a working class suburb near Chicago. He was the youngest child of James and Margaret Zolan. Donald came from very humble beginnings sharing a bedroom in the attic with his brother and his Uncle Lester.

Landscape painting, also known as landscape art, is the depiction of landscapes in art – natural scenery such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, and forests, especially where the main subject is a wide view – with its elements arranged into a coherent jkaireland.com other works, landscape backgrounds for figures can still form an important part of the work.

An artist's statement is a short piece written by you, the creative mind behind it all, to accompany a particular painting or group of paintings.

An artist's statement shouldn't be dismissed as insignificant or dashed out in a hurry as it's a vital selling tool, promoting and explaining your work to.

Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn Johnson and I am an artist who specializes in abstract acrylic painting. My days as an artist date back to early childhood where even at a young age I.

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