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Sportscover has once again been named as Underwriting Agency of the Year at the Australia and New Zealand Insurance Industry Awards. In Sportscover was the inaugural winner of the Underwriting Agency of.

Starting inSportscover has grown to become one of the largest specialist sports insurers in the world. Leisure Tailor made liability, property and accident insurance solutions for the recreation and leisure industry.

Mar 11,  · Sportscover says on its website they are the only dedicated sports and leisure syndicate in Lloyd’s. Originally based in Melbourne, Australia, the.

Bridget Baker, Underwriter, Sportscover Australia

Registration Form for a New Broker To become a Sportscover Accredited Broker, there are a number of criteria that your company must fulfil including areas such as Information Technology, Complaints Procedures, Geography, Credit history and References.

Most insurance is packaged as a one-size-fits-all policy that pays little regard to individual risks – this can be a major handicap.

Hamilton appoints O’Donohoe to Lloyd’s role

Recognising the need for specific golf cover, Sportscover brings you Sportscover Golf, an exclusive insurance program for golf clubs and everyone involved in golf in Australia. Site Archive for Thursday, 02 Apr Australia shares rise on expectations for a rate cut on Tuesday 10 Released Serbian nationalist burns Croatian flag in snub to U.N.

court PM UTC.

Sportscover underwriting australia flag
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