Pain assessment tools

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Pain As the Fifth Vital Sign – Pain Assessment & Management

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The Assessment of Pain in Paramedic Practice

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Pain Assessment: Review of Current Tools

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Pain scale

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Pain Assessment Screening Tool and Outcomes Registry (PASTOR)

Self-report is considered primary and should be. Handbook of Pain Assessment, Third Edition: Medicine & Health Science Books @ PASTOR History and Methodologies: The Pain Assessment Screening Tool and Outcomes Registry (PASTOR) is a minute survey that produces a comprehensive 3-page clinician report of a patient's chronic pain.

Outcome Assessment Questionnaires This section was compiled by Frank M. Painter, D.C. Send all comments or additions to: [email protected] CATEGORIES SCORING 01 2 Face No particular expression or smile Occasional grimace or frown; Frequent to constant frown, clenched jaw, withdrawn, disinterested quivering chin Legs Normal position or relaxed Uneasy, restless, tense Kicking or legs drawn up Activity Lying quietly, normal position, moves easily Squirming, shifting back and forth, tense Arched, rigid, or jerking.

On January 1,The Joint Commission implemented new and revised pain assessment and management standards for accredited hospitals.

Pain assessment tools
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