Microthemes writing a check

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Literacy for learning : a handbook of content-area strategies for middle and high school teachers

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Writing Manual - Humanities and Western Civilization Program - The ...

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Microthemes are due at the start of the class on the day assigned unless otherwise noted. An incomplete in the course is possible only in unusual circumstances. Microthemes: For microthemes, you will be given an article to read before class (it will be posted to blackboard) and then you will be asked to write a response to the article based on a set of questions you receive in class.

You are welcome to bring the reading with you to help you write your response. Microthemes help you. Each of the microthemes has specific criteria that is evaluated, so make sure that you review all of the rubrics attached to each of these assignments.

Some of the microthemes are accessed through a quiz format. Microthemes are considered as more informal than the Module Writing assignments, which are described below. “Writing to learn” assignments are informal writing activities, such as journals, microthemes, or quick writes.

They can be ungraded or evaluated quickly and holistically (e.g., assigned a “check plus” or “check”). They help students understand and work through course content.

Types of Writing to Learn Assignments • Quick writes. Microthemes are short (1- 2 pages) pieces of writing in which students delve into central concepts and theories within the course. Small blue desk was littered with colored pencils and scraps of construction paper, a bottle of.

Microthemes help you develop critical thinking and writing skills and they are graded based on reasoning of your answer as well as the clarity of your writing (including organization.

Is Writing Across the Curriculum Important?

Tallies will count as follow: Final tally of 22 (out of 30) and above = A in class participation and spelling).

Microthemes writing a check
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