Describe the differences in customer service between commercial public and third sector organisation

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They must then win to come across a client who is going the right questions. Mar 20,  · Best Answer: Objective of a public sector company is mainly creating social and economic benifits for the comunity rather than profits.

The main objective of a private sector is profit besides each organization has a sub-objective for its business Status: Resolved. Public services matter to us all. We want them to be there when they are most needed, to be the best they can be – and to deliver value for the public purse.

Improving them is a goal that bring us together as citizens. This drives our work with our government and public sector clients. Describe what the term normalization means.

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a. To normalize a database means to design it in a way that: 1) reduces duplication of data between tables and 2) gives the table as much flexibility as possible.

product or access the service, and, finally, promote the product to customers to let them know it is available. Product, price, place, and promotion are referred to as the four Ps of marketing.


If there are few perceived differences between products and their uses are widespread, then the lowest cost firms will get the advantage. · Customer knowledge However the follower may be able to service segments on a more personal level than the leader and hence maintain an industry position.

way in which customers perceived the organisation and its product(s) and/or service(s). The fact that the sales, advertising and marketing research functions operated independently of one another, led to the development of the fourth stage in which they.

Describe the differences in customer service between commercial public and third sector organisation
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