Constraints management

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A Girl's Guide to Project Management is a blog for project, programme and portfolio managers and project delivery professionals. It's full of tips, tools and advice for managing your projects with more confidence and less stress. In today’s volatile, globally competitive environment, new decision-making tools are required to monitor, measure, and improve total organizational performance.

All projects are carried out under certain constraints – traditionally, they are cost, time and scope.

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These three factors (commonly called 'the triple constraint') are represented as a triangle (see Figure 1).Each constraint forms the vertices, with quality as the central theme. Project limitations may influence how you manage your project and may even determine whether or not you (and your project’s drivers and supporters) decide to proceed with your project.

Project limitations typically fall into several categories. By recognizing these categories, you can focus your. Root cause analysis (RCA) finds and corrects the most important reasons for problems, the root causes.

Analyzing problems to identify and then fix root causes is one. Constraint management is an outgrowth of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), a set of principles and concepts introduced by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, an Israeli physicist, in the s in a .

Constraints management
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