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Citi FM Write-Away Contest 2015 Launched

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Write Away Contest top 20 list to be revealed on October 20

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Citi FM’s ‘Write-Away Contest’ nominated for education award

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The ‘Write Away Contest’ is an annual essay competition open to pupils and students within the age bracket of 10 to 14 years who are Ghanaians and legally resident in Ghana. This year’s edition featured over essays from school children from the Central, Western, Eastern, Volta.

The Write Away Contest seeks to birth the desire of children in Ghana for writing and reading. This year’s contest, which is the 11 th edition will see the top five contestants awarded cash prizes. The overall winner of the Write-Away contest will be presented with a cash prize of GHc5, The deadline for the first stage of Citi FM’s Literacy Challenge has been extended from 10 th August to Tuesday, 14 th August.

The Literacy Challenge team has engaged students of Junior High schools on reading and writing as. The edition of Citi FM’s Write-Away Contest, was today, [Wednesday], launched on the Citi Breakfast Show. The Write-Away Contest is an annual competition geared towards building a vibrant culture of reading and writing among young pupils.

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Citi fm write away contest ghana movies
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Write Away Contest top 20 list to be revealed on October 20 – Citi Showbiz