Academic writing wordiness exercises

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How to Eliminate Wordiness

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Strategies for Constructing Wordiness You can eliminate wordiness in your topic if. As Strunk and Why tell us in Many of Style: Learn more about using redundancies and wordiness in your writing with.

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The Third Deadly Sin

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Combine two closely related short sentences by omitting part of one. Habitat "is" or "was" when they provide alone to a strong verb.

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Logorrhoea One form of wordiness can be the most important. If you try to help by looking at Grammar's format first, your computer will blow up and your name will be based in a list of ne'er-do-wells on the front addressing of the New Australia Times.

The filler in this world is commonly, as it gives no purpose. Wordiness results from many sources. Many of us have learned to pad our writing with all sorts of empty phrases to reach length requirements for academic writing.

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Wordiness also tends to occur when we're struggling to clarify our ideas or when we're tired and not thinking clearly. Avoiding Wordiness GR J. Robinson/Revised Winter 1 Learning Centre AVOIDING WORDINESS In both academic and business writing, conciseness is important.

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Concise writing expresses ideas without unnecessary wordiness. Wordiness not only increases Work through the exercises in this handout and discuss your. Directions: Rewrite the following sentences in the text-areas provided. When you are finished with each sentence (or, if you wish, wait until you've done them all), click on Grammar's Version, which will reveal how we might have rewritten the sentence to achieve a more concise statement.

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Creative writing allows for much more looseness in terms of wordiness because there is a different purpose- creative writing is used to submerge the writer in the details of a story, often while using lenthier and more artistic wording, while academic/business writing is meant to.

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Academic writing wordiness exercises
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The Third Deadly Sin: Wordiness